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The Smiths


Smith Network

The Smith Family all began in December of 1979. That is when BT and Jas were married. Their union brought forth 5 daughters and 1 son. BT and Jas have been married for 17+ years! The Smiths are members of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. The family members are: BT, dad in the family, works for IBM and is a software engineer. Jas, mom in the family, is a homemaker and participates in the community theather group. Alexis is the oldest girl. She just graduated from High School and is looking forward to college this fall. Bre is next and she will be a Junior in the fall. She also participates in the community theather group. Casi will be starting High School in the fall and is both excited and nervous about it. Casi is learning alot about computers and I think she is going to be very successful with them. Stacey is the musician in the family. She is taking piano lessons and LOVES it. She has been taking them for a few months and has done very well with it. Whitney is the little lady in the family. She will be following mom's footsteps on stage. Wants to join mom now, but has to wait until she is eight. Steven is all boy! Wow why didn't someone warn us! :-) He is a little charmer. Loves to play and show signs of talent in the arts. Steven loves cars, trains and airplanes.

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