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January 12, 1998 ---Donny Interview PLEASE STAND BY... Hee hee Jas.... where did Botz go standing by Kiwi you made it ok Standing by.......... Go ahead, mother Bev! LOL @ Grund where is everyone from/ standing standing by sitting by... can we sit?? SHHHHH.... : ) Yes, everyone please slow down when Donny gets in here. is sitting by o.k., Terri? n.y. Easier said than done Jo! TX Ashley 1) PLEASE ALLOW THE HOSTESSES ONLY TO ASK THE QUESTIONS PLEASE SIT BY! LOL! :) we will LOL Jas PLease sit by who? SITTING of course So we say "hey" and then shut up? Ok, Mother Bev! joyce>will my screen go blank if i'm not typing for 1 hr we'll be good Bev. We promise. Kiwi, you got in, I was worried. lOL jas LOL will do, Bev! ............ ok Bev that's by whom! LOL jumping by He woun't even know we are all here ok, Bev Or should I call you Ma'am???? lol Andrea ok bev Ok Hostess LOL Caroline! NO PLEASE DON'T SAY SHUT UP; THAT'S NOT NICE hi guys Me too Yui works for me say hi and look for the answers Tui Ok, Terri hi Tiffi SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll be good! Hi (might be the same check) POL:LY whats your IM? how long will donny be here wow are we going fast time out for saying shut up! LOL Botz is trying to get in. Hello Tiffi glad to made it girl ok bev no, not *say* shut up We will behave, we will behave..... we will behave......... 1 HOUR Does anyone know if this chat window is replacing Parachat for good? I'm afraid if I shut down, I won't be able to get back on. LOL Texie! Where have you been? It's me Kitty from Utah Hi Tiffi Will we get bumped off if we don't type anything for all that time > we could say prayer time sorry mommy 1 hour??? PLEASE STAND BY FOR THE REST OF THE QUESTIONS 2) PRIVATE MESSAGES TO DONNY OR THE HOSTESSES WILL BE IGNORED TO MAKE THE CHAT RUN SMOOTHER THANK YOU YES ********EVERYONE REMEMBER YOU MANNERS!!! :o)*********** Been good, Kitty, you? Tui, are you Tuija V? If so, remember me? <------- EASILY CONFUSED! LOL what are manners? ok Hey, Kitty! Iit's Lfish from Utah too. TEXANS HAVE IMPECCABLE MANNERS oh, dang, broke a nail! *S* Can we say hi to Donny to let him know we are here Howdy....all Hey look yummy tonight what you teach your kids so do mice Hi Everyone! Proper Southern Ladies here Hi Botz Hi Botz!! Sure do Botz, hi! That's true, Andrea. can he read that fast I don't think so Polly Hi Andrea.... hello Toni Are we allowed to MOVE??? little Bro!!!!! Hi , Toni I'm confused already!!!!!!! HI ya Botz ! lol Hi Im back, not long now girls TONI!!! Wont he be able to see the list of who is here himself? In other words, keep Howard Stern out of this room. Ha! hi <-----------Equally easily confused! do you dare to move? < is surprised he made it in! Sir Botz! HELLO BOTZIE Polly, its going so fast I cant read much wb, Botz! LOL ]Hi D~! Long time BOTZ!! Is Donny thier yet? Botz, what's up????? 3) PLEASE ALLOW DONNY TO COMPLETELY FINISH ANSWERING EACH QUESTION BEFORE MAKING COMMENTS Welcome Botz you shouldn't get bummped Docmic....just went away for 20 minutes...but the scrolling screen kept my computer active!!! We're glad yo Oh well.. sorry, Tui! Got on your garfield jammies? YES MISS Hey Botzido!!!! ok o.k. dokie, bev (0: oh, so we can comment on his answers? Hi Toni Thanks five sure thing hi! Hey Polly!! I'll be as quiet as a a sandy My mom's so cute 4) PLEASE KEEP YOUR COMMENTS BRIEF-- They're MY favorite dish, I mean friends. ok, can he put "done" after he's done with each question so we'll know? ok Bev :-) We can make comments? I know you are here somewhere sir...just can't find you :-) anyone have eye drops? She just brought me down dinner! man these sentences move FAST! ok Jinafer says hi Toni! HI BOTZ if we make comments, the screen will scroll so fast we wont see what he's saying --wont it? Gotcha, Bev SO HE CAN ANSWER AS MANY QUESTIONS AS POSSIBLE Welcome meva LOL Lo! sure thing bev yes, Peach, it will Hi she with you Dana? ok] There are going to be some major headaches tonight Botz is very popular HEY TONI!! It's a speed reading crash course. Will do, Bev LOL the more we talk, the less he'll be able to answer How many questions did y'all receive Bev? hi kitty LOL Tara Will someone be logging this? You got that right Doc Nope she's not the room is sure filling up! Good question, Helene 5) PLEASE BE POLITE-- OR YOUR MOTHER WILL PUT YOU IN THE TIME OUT CHAIR!! 20 mins to go everyone get something to eat and go to the little gils and boys room HELLO yes Mary Ellen Yes, Bev, how many did you receive? I can't get a word in already LOL Bev ON AOL you can turn off the chat of the others in the room--hereyou really can't girls LOL Bev!!! my mother isnt here Sir!!!!!Where are You!!!?????? I'm trying, ME. Don't they, though, Botz? ****head spinning***** Hey, Chill?.....I think this amount of folks is acceptable??? What about you??? YIKES! I promise to be good Mother B@ Yes Ma'a hi gremlin long time no see do we wnat questions or just plain chat w donny i didnt miss Donny have i?!? Good idea, Osfor. BRB THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING THE CHAT ETIQUETTE! :) Is the time out chair next to Donny? Bev, you're not my mother! :o) JK Thanks. so i guess we will have to behave if we want to see Welcome Tiffi! What kind of comments Bev? LOL LOL Tara! *G* Tara HOw are you feeling Tiffi??? YUP! How have you been, Tiffi? LOL Tara! LOL Tara standing I may get bumped out again and don't want to miss anything! Isnt this fun LOL Bev, you got it! LOL Tara your welcome Terri anmd not a mention of the loincloth shall pass my lips.:-) HELLO IS DONNY HERE YET is donny here? I'm going to do a little charting before the chat starts Hello its Lori Keough can we greeting Donny? or we can't say anything at all LOL That's wher I'm going I'll be right back good, mouse! POLLY did u get that message???? HI RITZ no cindy NOT YET, HE'S DUE IN 20 MINUTES! :) I am glad that I can finally type *G* with asterisks likes me! BUT WE'LL BE THINK IT, RIGHT MOUSE??? Mouse is chicken tonight! he's not hrer yet No not yet GET READY TO DROP THE BALLOONS AND THROW THE PIES WHEN DONNY COMES IN. lol who's due in 20 minutes? We can greet him, Lori ok ok how long till he gets here...i have to go eat:) You're welcome, Terr! YEA How can we go about getting a copy of the log???? Who do you think Sandy my macros dont work in here i hve to type out SINCE THERE ARE A LOT OF NEW FOLKS IN HERE, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: joyce>ashley to go bye ash Not again!! LOL Tara Boy, you guys are making me dizzy tonight LOL let's all get him with a water balloon!!! Hi everyone PLEASE ALLOW THE CHAT HOSTESSES TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS ONLY. KNOW THAT throw donny INTO a pie Did everyone here join Backstage yet? Sandy...just some singer on tv ...that's all WE ARE NOT YELLING AT YOUR OR DONNY, JUST TRYING TO MAKE IT I'm getting very dizzy here oh, HIM , lol...him... Jas, got your super soaker ready? Not yet cindy Hmmm EASIER FOR HIM TO READ YOUR IMPORTANT QUESTIONS! :) We will all need glasses by the end of the night. i am getting too Got glasses already... okay hostess No, Caroline, I'm not paying attention to privates right now. n for sure Tara Okeee Dokee Teri!! Anyone got eyedrops? Can anyone see this? This is Donny. Sorry! I need glasses for my glasses tonight Tara dizzy How can I go back and get my profile name donny? Hey Sparki..i am in a daze here.i need specks! is that really Donny? Hi Donny Then you may need a new prescription, Texie. anyone here i should recognize that i didnt say hi to? Hi excuse me,'re WHAT??? yes, visitor we see ya DUNNO hi! Hello Donny, welcome aboard. Donny??? Donny? Hey Donny! Is Donny here Hi Donny! Hi Donny! Is this Donny If it's Donny - then you are early. LOL what name is donny going to use? Hi Donny! If that's really you! Bev, what ARE the ground rules WE ARE TRYING TO FIND OUT. :) hi donny Nate? Is this THE Nate??? Couldn't be then! LOL! who's Donny? LOL VERY early Hey Donny! How are you? hi is this you donny? hey donny THE Nate:) < Connie> Hi Donny!! DONNY!!!! Hello Donny, Welcome Hi Donny Hi Nate > Hi Donny Traiter -- get out LOL Is that you Donny its Lori Keough Hi! I could die laughing Hi Donny Prove you're Donny, visitor! Dizzy here too Hi Donny!! DONNY?? Donny?????? as in david burnham webmaster nate? Yep its me Hello, Cousin! Bev I hope you going to log this when donny comes on for me. Hello Nate!! Hi Donny! I'm not suppose to be here yet but the show just got over and I have some more people to see and had a few seconds to say hi Hiya Donny how ya doin Hi Donny! I don't see a Donny. dying laughing Hi Donny lol Dana as in Danas Kate? donny is never early ROFLOL seconds? Someone playing games? Cute real cute! HI DONNY Polly, oh, Polly Glad you stopped in ROFLOL Is Donny here??? We're happy to have you here, Donny! Thanks for coming! Donny Jersey City? Hi everyone!!! Texie is your homepage url the same... I can't find it anymore.. please help.. Hi DONNY! lol HI NATE > lol It ain't Donny!! faint The Dana i saw in Joseph in Nov? Hi Handsome stop paying attention to your privates LOL Polly!!! Docmicj is right ---this is where I finished the first time J LOL Amanda! He may be a Donny but probably not "the" Donny Hey guys, remember what the hostessess said! hi everyone Carall, I will e-mail it to you. Hello from Calif., Donny! I can't read this - too fast! sandy!! Nate, when were you in Utah PeachKoala said I'm never early!!! I aught to ... :-) IF YOU'RE NEW TO THE ROOM, PLEASE KNOW THAT THE CHAT HOSTESSES ARE GOING < fighting his way to the concession stand....."Popcorn....I Need Popcorn!!!!!" yes Nope! how many people are here now? wellll.... blinked and missed it I was in Branon in November slow the scroll going where? I wasnt. I saw a Dana in Joseph here in New Hampshire TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR DONNY TO READ YOUR QUESTIONS. BOTZ, grap some for me, ok? Is Donny on now Lori Keough Hanging KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT YELLING AT YOU OR AT DONNY. Nope not me WOW! everyone talk at once why don't cha? :) I counted 65 a few mins. ago. Lo hi Donny <-----scarf lady from Friday hi polly i was in branson in nov too Hey Lynda are you the Lynda that Darlene Richards and I know? Are you the same Sir Botz as in acrophobia Game? Hey Lfish...missed ya!!!!!!! You got the scarf, Docmick? Hi Terri Yep Donny is that really you? You have to prove it to us, boy! SO, what that Donny or an imposter? Hey, Kitty! Missed ya too! Yes Nate!!! What are you doing here? LOL is this the chocolate addiction support chat room? Hey Botz How do I prove it Cindy? WELCOME all new comers <------- head definately spinning right now She did Diane, we were right next to her! It was GREAT! No Nuisee....I don't do games.....I live in reality...."Chat Rooms" LOL! Who was in Branson when Donny was there??? Say "I" All imposters will be immediately hit with pies! Sir!!! watch it !! you stepped on my toes...please be careful on your way to get that popcorn...there are others here too you know :-) LOL Sandy Visitor sure got awful quiet how can we get a copy of tonights chat room event Lucky! ??? Think about it Lynda...:-) Donny, Are you on its me Lori Keough Donny impostors not allowed only the genuine article allowed! I Sing for us! Hi, Lisa Marie! Okay Sir Botz... Hi All! Ya -- I know Nate LOL Hi Lisa Marie passing out the chessy popcorn, now Good idea, Vicky! Sing! hee hee Hello LisaMarie Hi, Donny! It's great to be with you! Is my name on here =Patty= article Hey, Kitty laugh Thanks Debbie! that you from Toledo? Beeped--brb I hi lady jas IS DONNY HERE YET? ***munch, munch*** either sing, or smile altogether now..."And they called it Puppy Love..." no, Connie NO HES NOT Hello Ashley what is Donny's handle no we can't move and hold your breath! La La La La. How's that! I or "Aye", Tara? &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& pretzels for all Polly, I can't take this -- let's leave LOL Yes Diane its on his door hmmm...good thing the chats i hold arent this get to confused! cindy how can we get a coppy of the cht room tonight Thanks Polly YUM SOunds a bit off key to me thanks uh oh C, you typed in CAPS Not on your life, Lynda! LOL Bravo! lol, Helene LOL Andrea Visitor, Can you PROVE your Donny Osmond???????? eitherone, Botz! {{{HUGS to everyone who loves Donny!!}}}}}}}}} Am I still here, everything went blank? well I wont when Don comes in I just don't wanna be fooled LOL Polly!!! pretty please!! thanks Grem LOL Eileen! Hi! Don't know where Carolann is... It's NOT Donny, Eileen It wasn't me ...I was just moving my lips! who knows! is Dave here? won't Donny come in as DONNY OSMOND???? welcome, Deb show us your scars -----this is where I finished the 2nd time. J hte hosts should know... : ) LOL Bern!!! Who? Do you know Donny Lori? 15 min I HOPE so 5 [watching the Chat Room Server gauges "spike" back and forth] probably 5 Good point Five We could all use Hugs LOL mouse! SPARKI check your private chat. hi there it would be kinda easy shhhh lets all simmer down LOL, Botz Woohoo! joyce>hello donald Visitor? simmering down nice Caoline!! Hey Caroline can u see my name????????? where's my SIS (Break) PLEASE KEEP CHAT TO A MINIMUM WHEN HE ENTERS THE ROOM we will if we want to see what he says... quiet as a mouse There's 81 people in the room-does anyone know how many members there are in the network-doin? with fries and a chocolate shake? 4 more minutes We're up to 84 folks. ok, Bev i can read one word and then its flown by....this is confusing! LOL Mouse! How do you apologize to Donny Osmond??????????? no prob ok Will Pat be in here later? Hi Ro Bev, I'm already in the room Which Pat? You say, Gee, Donny, sorry! in a dog suit! And we used to think that 10 in the other room was busy!!!! Hi My 4 year old just said to me "Mom, can I talk to the Puppy Love too?" :-) Pat Dresbach. are we allowed to say hi? LOL im gettin hungry I'm not sure who said Hi to scrolled by too fast...but Hi back to you! OK, so does this room only hold 100? cute Los Hi Donny! LOL Lo!!! hey I remember you LOL - LO, VERY CUTE! i'm used to 14 so is VISITOR still here or did he leave???? LOL they said it did You guys don't have to type in your names before you type, you can't see your own name wow that is lot of people hello everyone no, Tara.. unlimited Is D expected to sign in on time Is Donny on yet I am so confusing Ha! Lori K. Bev, I promised Donny an apology if it was really him. May I say that?????????? hi Charlie She loves that song -- always asks me to play it excuse me, hot stuff, coming through! Pizza for everyone! (0: Jo, you still there? Patty here CHARLIE!!!!! first time in chat room .... so excited!! My kids thought that DONNY was coming to our house. They were very disappointed. < Gives up on candy and popcorn....pulls out cell phone to order pizza] HE'S EXPECTED TO SIGN IN ON TIME. WE'LL SEE. :) Yeah, I'm here. Hello Charlie hi naniel who still has donny and marie dolls I don't think Donny is here yet, Lori! paging Lynda!! I have to go eat...argh...if im not back on tonight please give me a full report for the website:-) We're not supposed to chat when Donny comes in right lol, tara welcome naniel AW, POOR KIDS, TARA. :) THAT'S SWEET Need aspirin! Helene, how abut you? we'll see see if he has the same IP number C'mon, creme pies thrown in the face are Dons speciality! Remember D&M? Bev?????????? can you keep up with this madness &&&&&&&& more pretzels i do i do Mi kids is watching Donny & Marie can someone (maybe the visitor or Gremlin) say hi to me? welcome naniel Visitor, if you want us to believe you're Donny, you have to prove it ;o) is this something new this room? sure Nate -- see ya later 8 minutes visitor!! Texie..VERY smart..:-) thanks lynda! How do you guys have time to read this and type a response? Welcome, Naniel! LOL Jas I'm still here!! I had to go administer some M&M's but I'm back! LOL! it holds unlimited amounts of Donny Osmond Fans!!! I get to lick it off OSFOR, WE ASK THAT YOU BE POLITE AND KEEP CHAT TO A MINIMUM. THANK YOU. hi mj HI MJ We can say HI right? LOL!! Pass the pretzels, please! I'm hungry! :-) :-) everyone is very excited so it's take a deep breath time right? we expect to see you leave Visitor your welcome Hello! I'm trying to get straight Terri, I promised Donny an apology if it was really him. May I say that to him????????????????????? ANY ONE WANT TO TALK TO ME joyce>leave it alone about proving it o.k. this is bedtime here im so torn... Yeah visitor, prove it. What kind of tie did you get this past weekend? My stars, look at the people thanks hostess not an outsider anymore ... thanks for welcoming me^)^ How about the Strawberry Newtons, Mary Ellen?! -k- . In other words.....Zip it!!!! Right Terri? LOL she is too obnoxious Osfor hi cin hi cindy ! Hi Cindy MY CHILDREN ARE QUIET--YEAH!!!! ! PLEASE DO NOT IM THE CHAT HOSTESSES, WE ARE TRYING TO FINALIZE LAST MINUTE DETAILS. THANK YOU! YAY They were Raspberry! did everyone stop talking at once or did my screen stop?????? HELP!!! yep I can't stand it not for long bev Hi Cindy! Hi, Donny! Crazy about your performance in "Joseph"! okey dokey hi! thanks - that was way cool! What have you done to them Bev? ME, you shared Strawberry Newtons with someone else? Oh, I'm so sad:( LOL!! Don't you remember the guys throw Don in the big pie on the D&M show? hi kat Oh, yeah, Raspberry!!! Hi cindy Are they still alive Bev? You better go check on them if they're quiet! LOL He was sooo cute!!!!!! joyce>he is just like us Glad to have you, Naniel! I'm sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hurry in Donny! LOL me too yes, I did Grem lol "Where's the Hostess?....I need a soda!" Hi Donny, from New Zealand! I got a major back lag here in canada Good, Bev! FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NEW TO THIS ROOM, PLEASE ALLOW THE CHAT HOSTESSES TO Hi All LOL BOTZ really, botzie STUFFED PIZZA IN THEIR MOUTHS! Hi Rocky TYPE IN CAPS ONLY, SO THAT DONNY CAN READ YOUR IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. THANK YOU! Oh I wish the reruns of Donny and Marie Show would play on Nick at Night TV Land or something Which Cindy are you talking to? hello Rocky YEAH PIZZA And I could use some pretzels All Osventures get raspberry Newtons, ready Rona! anyone know any relaxation techniques? Mouse AND chicken...this is a great night! Botz, I just sent Hubbs to get me one That's hostess, botz, not Waitress. what am i suppposed to ask Donny? Me too Nuisee! Yes, Grem, I do! Great fun! and alot, of popcorn hi cindy NUISEE, THAT WOULD BE NEAT! me too nuisee Botz, you want DP or Sprite? yes I sent an important question ////// LOL Polly deep breathing Linda LOL hey Donny hello from DIXIE!! TERRI, I promised Donny an apology if Visitor was really him. Will you allow me to give it to him, please??????????????????????? 5 more minutes and counting!!!!!!! I'm ready! joyce>that was one of my questions LOL Botz LOL, kittykitty naniel--all questions wwere submitted already We should be serving Donny the choclate Torte ha DONNY WILL ANSWER QUESTIONS THAT FANS HAVE RECENTLY SUBMITTED. 4 minutes!! Yes, couldn't someone please negotiate that? thanks lynda... in... ...out... Hi Carolann HOW IS DEBBIE I'm going to end up blind after tonight. Hello!! are you saying that he needs glasses otherwise????? My eyes hurts Bev!!!!! I asked for it when I signed the guestbook Carolann is that you? I didn't think you'd make it. hold on, gang, almost time TERRI?????????????????? i love donny!!!! I want Donny i want Donny no kidding Linda -- I can't see anymore!! [runs outside.....checks the Sundial.....then quickly runs back in] <------------a n t i c i p a t i o n! Making me w a i t.. Me too, Jo. PLEASE DO NOT ASK HIM OTHER QUESTIONS, SO THAT HE CAN UTILIZE HIS TIME ONLINE AFFECTIVELY. Donny weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love you! This is TOO wild!! how many kids does donny have now You all are going a mile a minute! yaeh i know, i sent one ... hopefully he'll answer it .. pass the visine dont do that Jo too many nice things to see like D. THANK YOU! ********************* more popcorn Are we going to do a count on New Years Eve? Carolann! Hi! 5 min....visitor....getting my super soaker ready!!! my favorite part was when They would Sing I 'm a little bit country and I'm a little bit rock and roll I've been on the computer working out details since 5;40am!! no prob, Terri. Thanks. YOU GUYS ARE GEMS! K I'm clm now sure thing i've seen worse! I can barely see!!! poor Bev 3min are we allowed to say hi????????? LOL!! Thanks PC!! wow, Bev - your poor eyes me too bev PK!! You must be exhausted Bev! i'm getting a headache, but it is worth it!! hi bev Yes, Connie hi bev SURE, CONNIE! :) hello all Woohoo! 2 minutes to go For those of you who are new, you DO NOT have to sign your name to your comments. Samantha Hello I just missed you this morning then I'm so blind, I won't know when DOnny is here now Sorry, I'm not only tired, but my eyes hurt. i went to a FOX chat