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Heavenly Father

"God loves you as he loves each and every one of his children. His desire, purpose, and glory is to have you return to Him pure and undefiled, having proven yourselves worthy of an eternity of joy in His presence." (LDS pamphlet "For The Strength of Youth" )

I am so thankful to Heavenly Father and all that he has given me. My life has truly been blessed! He has given me so much. Just knowing that He loves me and cares for me makes me happy. I know that I am never alone. Heavnely Father has given me life, has given me the most presious gift that anyone could give, His son! He loved us so much and wanted us to return to Him that He gave His only begotten Son to come to this earth to die for us. I know that Heavenly Father lives and that we were created in His image. I know that loves each of us and wants what is best for us. I feel His love. I feel so blessed to have been born at this time. For the many wonderful things I have in my life. I'm also very thankful that Heavenly Father has given me my other heros.