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Creative Play

Here are a few ideas we can do with our kids and grandkids!

Homemade Rhythm

Providing an outlet with any kind of music is a good way to help a child learn who he is. Rhythm instruments are wonderful to have on hand to use with a piano, with songs on television,, and with cds or tapes. Here are some ideas you might use:

---Can with lid containing beans or pebbles.

--Solid wood blaock and mallet for pounding.

--Box with rubber bands strung across for strumming.

--Rubber bands strung across chair for harp.

--Pail upside down with sticks for drum.

--Washboard and thimbles for fingers.

--Kitchen pans and spoons for beating rhythm.

--two pot lids for cymbals.

--Cardboard tubes from waxed paper or paper towels for 'tooting' through

--Round oatmeal box with wooden sticks.

--Inexpensive tambourines.

--Baby rattles.

--Comb and tissue for humming.

You can get more ideas here

If you have any ideas....such as games or crafts

and you would love to share your ideas with others, please send them to:   Jas We would love to hear from you!