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From Sherry aka ICE CRYSTAL

Yarn People
a few skeins of colorful yarn
a pair of scissors
card board (cut 6X4 with a 2 inch notch cut into one side...sort of an "L" shape) for wrapping the yarn around.

Choose your color(s) of yarn and wrap around and around the 6 inch part of the cardboard. Keep going until it seems to be the thickness you want.
Take it off the cardboad and tie off the top 2 inches of your yarn "body".
Now, divide the bottm 4 inch portion into 2 even sections and tie off the bottoms to make" feet".
Once again, wrap more yarn around the 6 inch part of the cardboard to make arms.
When you have reached your desired thickness, cut and remove from cardboard.
Now, stick your finger through the loops in the top 2 inch part of the body and fit the "arms" through the loops.
Tie off both ends as hands.
Using the 2 inch notch in the cardboard, wrap yarn around there until you have a full "head".
Remove from the notch and tie onto the "shoulders" (just above the arms you made) Same loops the arms went through.
This part may read abit confusing...let me explain.
The head is a large mass of loops. You can see through, like the letter "O".
Well, put the yarn you are tying with through that mass of loops and also through the loops that made up the shoulders.
Tie them tightly together off the side of the "neck"
Make "hair" on the 4 inch part of the cardboard, wrapping until you are happy.
Remove from cardboard and tie to the top of the Head. (tie through both of the "O"s)
Now cut the loops at the bottom of the hair. You can tie different colors on to the face to make eyes, nose, and mouth.

Experiment and have fun with it!! The boys made Ninja Turtles with dark green yarn and no hair, they only tied a piece of yarn aound the waist and head. Different colors 'tied' represented the different turtles.