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It all started......

when I went to the Osmond chat room. It was the end of December 1996. I went to the chat hoping to make some friends and to be able to chat with maybe an Osmond. I have made several good friends in the chat room and I DID get to chat with an Osmond!!! MY favorite Osmond to be excact! Let me back up a bit...Alan Osmond is my favorite! He came on the chat room before...but I had missed him. So we were in the chat room just chatting away....and he came in!!!It was July 1, 1997! I will not forget that day! I could not believe it! Alan was in the chat room!! Needless to say I could not say anything! In fact my husband, BT, had to type for me! :-) I mean, here he was, Alan in the chat room, I had liked him since I was 6 years old....and I could not type!! Anyway...I started floating...I admire him so much...he has a great spirit!! and he is so positive! I love that!!

The next day I came to the chat room as "FloatingJas" because I was so happy that I was in the same chat room as Alan Osmond!! From then on I was sorta know as Floating Jas.

Some of us had planned on going to Branson to meet each other and to enjoy the Osmonds show together. We planned this meeting for October 10th 1997.

The day arrived...we meet together at the Brass Apple. We watched a video, played a game, visited each other...and had a visit from Merrill!! I really enjoyed the day very much! Then it was time for the 8pm show.

We all arrived that the theater. Dave Brewer was there and it was wonderful meeting him for the first time. He is great! Botz and he plotted to not let me hide from meeting Alan. The show was GREAT!! Although I really did miss seeing Alan alot!! When the show was was time.....I was soooo nervous!! There was no way out of meeting Alan. My fellow chatters were making sure of it! Botz had to DRAG me to meet him! It was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do in my life! Don't ask me just was!

Botz pulled me there and there Alan was! Then Dave introduced us...Told Alan.. This is Floating Jas and Botz put his hand on top of my head! I was dying! I looked at Alan and he was smiling! OH MAN!! I LOVE that smile!! I managed a smile and shook his hand and said happy to meet you...that is when the orbiting started! I did not stick around too much because I was shy...can you believe it?? I HATE being shy...I miss sooo much!! I was called back with the group...they wanted to take my picture with Alan! YIKES!! It was enough shaking his hand...but now they wanted me to stand close to him!! He was going to go backstage when they asked him for a picture of him with me...Alan said he HAD to do that one...and said "come here Jas!" Several people took a picture. Well...I was way past floating that's for sure!! I was ORBITING way up there!!! It took me 34 years to do that and I can say I'm very HAPPY it happened!!