g&ophonm.jpg (12107 bytes) Welcome to the ON (Osmond Network) Senior Citizen's pages.  We hope you enjoy the various topics written by George & Olive Osmond as they share their thoughts and favorite things just for the Seniors!
norley.jpg (6631 bytes)Enjoy some favorite articles written by our staff AARP specialist, Norley Hall.  Norley has been a newspaper editor and a correspondent for the Provo, Utah Daily Herald for two years.  His articles have been directed towards the senior citizens.
shuler.jpg (2894 bytes)"As a practicing surgeon, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and Research Nutritionist Ron Shuler shares his experience, training and zeal for life." Ron has been invited by the Osmond Network to participate in helping families receive the latest in nutritional research. "Through my research, I will be introducing products that have been proven through scientific endeavor to be the most absorbable, effective and economical, and share concepts to help individuals and families better cope with the stressful and challenging life of today."


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