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Vicky's Experience!

When I first knew for sure that I would be making this trip I had several people ask me if I knew or had met any of the other people planning on being there. How did I know if it was a safe and smart thing to do? how did I know that some of these people weren't certified wackos? (Other than myself?)

I don't think I ever had any doubts about anyone attending the "Branson Invasion". I had been meeting and chatting with most of them for almost a year now and many a night I have shared some really deep and personal conversations and feelings with a few of them. I was looking forward to meeting everyone in person. I felt as though I knew them all, just like family.

As for the actual physical meeting in Branson, it was like meeting with family at a family reunion. I have known these people forever! Maybe this is truly so. A friend once told me that she thought that the friends we made here on the Earth were friends we were close to in the preexistence. Thanks to the Lord and modern technology, I believe I have found some of those friends that I might not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise in this life.

I don't want to write a novel about how great a time I had, (and believe me, I could!) but before I end my little novella, I just want to say thank you to the Osmond Family, because of their goodness, their special spirits, they have the best fans and friends anywhere and I have been greatly blessed with the privilege to be able to meet some of them through the chat room and in Branson! I had a great time! (Even with the rain and humidity.)

Back in the 70s a friend and I made our own bumper sticker and would drive around with it on her car. It read... "OsLove...The love that reaches out to touch hands, hearts and souls." I believe today that it not only has touched, but has joined many of us into new friendships. Friendships that will hopefully last an eternity. May they continue to grow! Thank you to all of my chat room family! You have made my life richer! Vicky Ann Hansen